The Early Childhood Center has provided our children a place to grow and learn in a safe and family friendly environment. Our oldest still maintains relationships with kids he attended the ECC with and our youngest loves to see his ECC friends outside of school.
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Why We Are Unique

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• Awarded 5 Star by the Michigan Great Start to Quality System
• Do not have to be a Birmingham resident
• Open year-round with limited closing dates
• Monday-Friday, 7AM-6PM
• 2 private playgrounds
• Separate infant nap room
• Meals provided at no extra cost
• Access to The Community House programs,
such as ballet classes
• Nationally recognized HighScope curriculum
implemented in all classrooms
• Full & Part-time care
• Sibling discount for full time families
• Monthly parent newsletters
• Daily parent/teacher communications
• Parent group
• Parent/teacher conferences (bi-annually)
• Family field trips
• Pre-K enrichment for children 4 years and older
• Preschool curriculum offers foreign language and technology classes
• Locked facility
• Community enrichment (inter-generational activities and visits to the library)
• Financial assistance 

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Our Philosophy

The Community House Early Childhood Center provides an environment for children ages 6 weeks through 8 years which is safe, friendly and nurturing. The program encourages the development of the total child and focuses on children as individuals, allowing them to grow and develop at their own pace. The program encourages the development of the total child and focuses on an active learning environment and problem solving skills through the use of the HighScope philosophy.

Since 1990, the Early Childhood Center has been working in partnership with parents so that the Center operates as an extension of the family and childrearing becomes a collaborative endeavor.

HighScope Curriculum

Our Preschool curriculum is based on the nationally recognized HighScope curriculum. The HighScope Educational Research Foundation was founded by Dr. David Weikart. The HighScope approach is based on key learning indicators (KDI’s), not traditional preschool themes. It is an active learning environment that provides the children opportunities to make plans and follow through with those plans. This curriculum also focuses on developing the children’s critical thinking skills. We like to call it our “Hidden Agenda” curriculum, the children are learning while doing activities they think are just for fun! There is at least one, and usually many, purposes behind everything the teachers say and do. If you would like more information on the HighScope Foundation please visit their website at

Parent Involvement

The ECC believes that the partnership between parents and the Center should be a strong one. This is why we have an open door policy, which enables you, as parents, to come visit anytime. We encourage parents, grandparents, and families to see how your children spend their day. The ECC also invites parents to come and share lesson plans for a theme, a family or ethnic tradition with the entire Center. The ECC has occasional Saturday field trips so the entire family can attend. Although the ECC does not function as a parent co-op, parents, through the Parent Group, are frequently asked to express their hopes and desires for the program. The Parent Group meets quarterly. The time of the meeting is scheduled by the Parent Group President. The Parent Group does fundraising and organizes parties and field trips.